About Us

Nick Wise

Nick is how this whole shindig got started. Born in Canada with South African citizenship, which he never shuts up about, he moved to Jacksonville, FL at age 7 and hasn’t looked back. After attending college in South Carolina and graduating with a philosophy degree he pushed on to law school because, hey, what else was he gonna do? It was after enrolling at Stetson Law in St. Petersburg, FL and meeting Andrew that inshore fishing began to take hold. In the spring of 2016 while waiting to retake the FL Bar Exam and deciding to look for a kayak for himself, Nick stumbled into the idea that is now Liberty Outdoors. Some time and kayaks later he was off and running with Liberty Outdoors and an idea that everyone should be able to afford an awesome fishing kayak.

On week days you’ll find him glued to a computer doing who knows what, but hey it keeps us going so whatever. Or out leading a tour through Shell Key Preserve. Or pretty much anything except fishing because the further into this industry you get the less time you have for the love that got you there. No complaints from him though as long as he gets to watch his Gators dash his hopes and his Jaguars drag him further into despair. One day, one day. And every now and then he’ll drag his long-suffering girlfriend out onto the water too.

Almost all customers who have purchased since we started had their kayaks delivered to them by Nick in the Liberty Outdoors mobile. Thanks for making this a great job yall!

Please keep up with us!