Things to Bring Part 2!

Things to Bring Part 2!

Things to Bring Part 2

Hey all! So we’re back with another article in the Things to Bring series! This time I’m going to focus on the actual kayak. Without getting too bogged down, and once again stating a fair amount of the obvious, I’m going to mention specific items/accessories related to your watercraft that you should have.


Things to Bring: Kayak Edition

  • LIFE JACKET – This actually is in order of importance, at least with regard to PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices). There are a million different shapes, sizes, and styles out there. Pick one and have it with you. It will not only literally save your life, but its also literally the law in almost every state. And yes the PFD requirement includes Kayaks, Canoes, and other vessels shorter than 16 ft in length.
  • Your Kayak – We happen to have a few to choose from. 
  • Kayak seat – Forgetting it can really ruin your day.
  • Kayak paddle – Some people like to bring an extra one. Thats up to you and you should consider where you’re going and for how long. If you’re heading on a day+ journey or more than a few hours from shore then you should probably have an extra paddle or some other means of moving your vessel in case something happens.
  • Paddle leash – this is also obviously an optional accessory, but its really nice if you’re fishing and very convenient in general. If fishing it means you can grab your rod and throw as soon as you see something without having to worry about holstering your paddle. And in general it means if you flip, at worst, or drop your paddle, at best, it’ll stay right there along with your yak.
  • Rope – A stretch of rope at least 25 ft in length can come in useful in so many different situations and is obviously needed for…
  • Anchor – There’s a bunch of different styles of anchors and they all work in different ways and different situations. I have a mushroom, a folding claw, and a stakeout pole depending on where I’m going and what I’m planning on doing. You don’t have to have 3 different kinds, but at least one is pretty much necessary if you’re trying to stay put anywhere and there’s nothing to tie onto. 
  • Scupper plugs – This is for your Sit-on-top kayaks, but make sure you have your scupper plugs and even bring some extras! If you’re heading into some rough stuff where you plan to have the plugs out for drainage purposes its still not a bad idea to make a habit of always bringing them! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t ever forgotten them before and turned a nice day into a little wetter one. 
  • Dry bags – Basically a waterproof purse, dry bags are a must-have when out on the water. This goes back to one of our catch phrases from the last article. “Plan to swim, pack to flip.” Even if you’re only putting the essentials in there (phone, wallet, keys) you’ll be a lot more comfortable knowing if something happens you won’t have your stuff get wet, at best, or totally lost at worst. 
  • Other storage items – Besides dry bags, yakkers and fishermen are never short on other ingenious storage items. From 5 gallon buckets, to milk crates, to coolers, to tackle bags and boxes the list is almost endless of ways to bring the rest of your gear, whether you’re fishing or cruising. 
  • Cooler – A cooler is another must-have, especially here in Florida, if you’re going out for even just a few hours. Whether you need it to keep your food and drinks cool or your catch on ice we’ve got one we think you might like.
  • Trolley/Cart – Last, but certainly not least, is one of the most useful and, 99% of the time necessary, tools for heading out on your kayak. A kayak trolley/cart/dolly is the best way to get your kayak from your vehicle/yard/campsite/etc to the actual water. Whether you want one to rest your kayak on or one to run through the scupper holes on your yak, we’ve got you covered.

Once again we wrapped up another Things to Bring article. Stay tuned for the next one where I dive into some essentials for kayak fishing! Scroll down to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, etc not only get notice of our new articles, but also keep up with us. And don’t forget to Exercise your Liberty Outdoors!

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